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Type of Annotation Services

Automatic identification of automobile driving

AI Camera for Traffic Control Assistance during Construction
We created data by tagging cars in the photo image as teacher data for the AI camera. We made sure that the frame of the car was correctly framed so that it would not be too large, overhang the target object, or be overlooked.

Number of cases handled: 10,000
Appointed day of delivery: 2 weeks

Identifies skin blemishes and wrinkles:

Beauty AI Smart Mirror
We created data by tagging blemishes and wrinkles in human face photos as teacher data for the Beauty AI Smart Mirror, automatically identifying skin conditions. We made sure to frame the object correctly and to select spots and wrinkles correctly.

Number of cases handled: 10,000
Appointed day of delivery: 2 months

Automatic Gender Distinction

AI Camera for Traffic Volume Survey
We created teacher data for AI cameras installed in busy downtown areas and at intersections to automatically detect human traffic, including male and female traffic. We ensured that the data was correctly framed and that there were no errors in the selection of male/female tagging.

Number of cases handled: 10,000
Appointed day of delivery: 2 weeks

Burmese Transcription

An experienced team will convert the audio files to characters. We can help you translate audio scripts for a variety of purposes, including narration and subtitles. We can analyze and classify sounds based on timbre, loudness, tempo, and voice quality to distinguish emotions, gender, etc.

Number of cases handled: 1.5 million
Appointed day of delivery: 4 months

High Quality

The Masterpiece Group has alliance branches all over the world. MPG provides international quality service with a strong local understanding. We support everything from preparations to delivery, such as prior meetings regarding business specifications and design. In addition, the Myanmar Center has a manager with abundant experience in annotation work and Manpower of Skilful annotators and can respond flexibly according to the work request and deliver period term of your company. Since we have the know-how of annotation work, quality check and fine adjustment at the work stage can be performed smoothly.

Low Price

We carry out our business operations at our Myanmar Center, which is in Yangon, the capital of Myanmar. The operators are mainly in their twenties, young and focused, and highly suitable for annotation work. Labor costs in Myanmar are one-tenth that of Japan and half that of other companies in the same industry in China, and we can provide high-quality and low-priced services.

Price List

Initial Fee From 150USD
Unit price per image From 0.08USD
Unit price per person From 500USD
operator / month

*We will provide an estimate quote based on your conditions, such as work content, software to be used, and delivery date.

High Quality AI Annotation & Data Labeling Services