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Masterpiece Group (Myanmar)
Established in 2017, Masterpiece Group (Myanmar) is the first foreign-owned BPO company in Myanmar. Operating under the parent company, Masterpiece Group, a Japanese BPO company, we will provide various BPO services, including contact centers, for local companies in Myanmar, while utilizing Japan’s hospitality and know-how in business development specializing in Asia including China, Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines, accumulated for over 15 years.
Greeting from CEO
We established a Myanmar Branch in December 2017 and started to provide call center services for local companies, mainly in Burmese. In Myanmar, many people are still unfamiliar with the terms “outsourcing” and “call center”, and I would like to spread the true goodness of outsourcing and call centers to many people.
I have over 10 years of experience of call center management in Japan and am currently the representative of the Myanmar Branch. We keep in mind the knowledge cultivated over many years and Japanese quality business management and services. I feel that the demand for call centers is increasing day by day in Myanmar, and we aim to be a “safe, secure, and reliable call center” that not only provides call center services but also serves as a consultant for our clients. Our motto is to streamline operations, maintain a certain level of quality, and respond speedy and accurately using the latest technology. I think the most important thing to maintain the above quality is “people”. For this reason, we value each and every employee and focus on human resource development. I hope that the company will grow together with employees and that young people in Myanmar will be happy to realize themselves and contribute to society through with work.

Hpauje Kai Hkawng
2020 Dec
CEO Hpauje Kai Hkawng

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