Contact Center

We are equipped with the systems necessary for contact center operations such as call center systems (PBX, CTI system), CRM for customer management, and knowledge database systems for accumulating QA to respond smoothly to customer questions.

Customer Support

The Customer Support Center answers questions about products and services before and after a customer’s purchase. Our operators aim to resolve these inquiries with product knowledge and service manuals at the customer’s first contact.

Order Reception Center

We accept orders, inquiries, refunds, and returns for various purchasing services such as TV mail order, catalog sales, and e-commerce. In addition to accepting orders, the center also prepare and processes order data for coordination with logistics.

Debt Collection Support

We offer services to microfinance companies in pursuing recovery of outstanding and/or overdue loan payments.

Social Media Management

We mainly manage and operate your company’s Facebook page. We aim to increase engagement with your audience, looking for opportunities to increase visibility and reach, and improve your company’s brand.

Facebook Post

The Customer Support Center answers questions about products and services before they are purchased, and after they are purchased, about how to use the products and services. Operators are familiar with the product and service manuals and aim to resolve them at the customer’s first contact.

Facebook Comment Management

To protect your company’s brand image, we will monitor comments on articles posted on Facebook. This includes replying, liking, and hiding comments if deemed offensive for your company.

Facebook Messenger Support

We will respond to messages delivered to your messenger. We will check the content of the message and reply to it accordingly.

AI Annotation

Using tagging software, we draw and tag the specified image data like photos, to create teacher data for AI engine development process. Our experience operators can process large amounts of data in a short amount of time.


We conduct various research and promotions by phone, email, and SMS per company requirement.


Telesales have a high rate of access to customers. We can call your customers, whether individuals or businesses based on your list and inform them about your products and/or services.

SMS Promotions

We can send out promotional SMS content to mobile numbers in your customer list all at once. You may also combine this with telesales and other sales methods to improve effectivity.

Research/Market Survey

We can conduct various types of market research on behalf of you company in accordance to your objectives. Sampling can be done from all over Myanmar, such as customer satisfaction surveys and test trial surveys for new products.